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Testing laboratory of technical examination of collective and individual workers’respiratory protection

1. Information about testing laboratory of the material-technical supply enterprise Spetssnab and its role in the company’s development

To begin with, it should be noted that testing laboratory of personal respiratory protection equipment is not a big testing arena where hundreds of people are trying to work out the best combination of filtering materials and their components affecting people’s health. It’s just a small lab among many experts who can determine which of the available personal respiratory protection equipment is the safest, the easiest in use and in general the best one for the Consumer.

The lab dates back to 1998 when testing laboratory was restructured at material-technical supply enterprise Spetssnab. It was the public higher educational establishment “National Mining University” before. After the restructuring, the lab got a new lease on life.

The new stage of the lab started from modernization of the available equipment and creation of new, up-to-date one to check personal respiratory protection equipment. There has been made new, upgraded equipment which meet the demand for filtering half masks, filters, filtering materials, in full accordance with the European standards.

It has been accredited by Ukraine's National Accreditation Agency back in 2005, with yearly certification of competence.

LLC EMTS “Spetssnab” has striven to upgrade its products with the introduction of the European standards.

You may ask how the changes in normative legislation could influence the operational activity of LLC EMTS “Spetssnab”? It's very simple. The testing laboratory, being a part of LLC EMTS “Spetssnab”, has been studying and analysing the procedures required. Also, since 2012 the company has been taking part in national harmonisation of standards TK 135.

At present the testing laboratory cooperates with many scientific organisations and test centres: Odessa physics and chemical institute of human and environmental protection (Odessa, Ukraine), LLC Research and Production Enterprise Filter (Horlovka, Ukraine), All-Russian Mendeleev Research Institute of Weights and Measures (St. Petersburg), Central Institute for on-the-job safety – Central Testing Institute (Lodz, Poland).

2. Test methods


Above all, we help you expose your samples thermally, as well as to moisture and we'll check mechanical strength.

Filtering materials

Breathing resistance. High-precision equipment can determine the parameters of the filtering material for resistance to direct air flow.

Coefficient of penetration. At our laboratory you can make tests to determine the rate of penetration of the filter material with a linear velocity of 1 cm/s.

Specifications. On a tensile testing machine, we can help determine thigh-tensile strength material, as well as find out relative elongation of the material.

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