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Half Mask RPA-DE 2

  • Half-mask: silicone or thermoplastic elastomer
  • Filter housing: polypropylene
  • Particle filter element: FRPA, filter material Eleflen
  • Exhalation valve: silicone
  • Inhalation valve: silicone
  • Inhalation valve: polyethylene clasp
  • Weight: 250 g.

It has a minimum limit of sight, providing sufficient angle of view.

This model comes with two filters that allow to decrease the initial breathing resistance twice as much and enhance protective characteristics.

The filter housing does not need to be replaced during operation.

Replacement filter elements are available separately.

Technical characteristics
Name of product RPA-DE-2
Protection rating P2D particle, 2-nd class of protection
Protection from solid and liquid aerosols
Working temperature range -30°С to +70°С
Bonding technique of the housing with filter to the half mask threaded connection
Half Mask materal polypropylene
Inhalation valve 2 inhalation valve located on a course of inhaled air behind filters, which ensures reliable operation, do not require replacement during operation
Exhalation valve 1 exhalation valve of reliable structure excludes the air penetration by inhalation, do not need to be replaced during operation
Replacement of filter element no need to replace the filter housing
Size 2/3
Compatibility with the other PPE with glasses, face shields, hats
Certification DSTU EN 140:2004

Р2: Р – protection from harmful and carcinogenic dust particles based on water and oil, 2-nd class of protection

D - the filtering elements have passed the optional dolomite clogging test. Better breathing resistance for longer periods.

The half mask RPA-TD-2 can be used in the continuous working intensity and hard working with the air dustiness of the working area from 300 mg/m³ till 1,000 mg/m³ and also by brutal work with air dustiness of the working area till 300 mg/m³.

The half mask is designed for use by the volume fraction of oxygen in the air for at least 17%.

Does not protect against gases and vapors of harmful substances. Shelf life: 3 years from date of manufacture.

The time of use: 1 year if regular changing of filters takes place.

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