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Half Mask RPA-DE

The half mask RPA-DE is an innovation by RDE “Standard” LLC with use of modern technology and materials. Exhalation valve in these models is placed inside the half mask in contrast to previous models of the RPA, in which it is located outside. The design of the half mask provides a high level of protection, and the materials used in them - TPE and silicone - are hypoallergenic and more comfortable for wearing on your face.

Special features of the half masks reusable RPA-DE, produced by RDE “Standard” LLC, are the following:
  • modern design for better combination with other PPE
  • original design of the protective housing of exhalation valve
  • the possibility of replacing the filter through the cap for the RPA-DE-1
  • easy to maintain
  • robust design
  • elastic hypoallergenic material that is gentle to skin
  • adjustable straps of the headband according to the head size
  • optimal balance of the filters placed on the sides, not impeding the view
  • good adherence to the face
  • high level of protection

  • Silicone
    The main properties of silicon are:
    • hygiene
    • easy to clean
    • resistance to cold and boiling water, water vapor
    • excellent weather resistance (to rain, snow or ice, the effect of ozone and UV rays, do not cause any changes to the surface)
    • water and dust proof properties
    • resistance to organic acids and bases
    • heat resistance
    • no allergic effects
    • non-toxic (chemically inert product with no unpleasant odor and taste)
    • wear resistance
    • safety of use (do not melt, don’t burn, does not emit any harmful substances at high temperatures)
    • resistance to oils
    • low permanent deformation
    • high mechanical strength
    • high elasticity at low temperatures.

    Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE rubber) is a polymeric material, combining highly elastic rubber properties and ease of processing, like thermoplastics. The thermoplastic elastomers have unique properties due to a special chemical compound and the structure of the two-phase system.

    TE is one of the most rapidly developing areas in the development of new materials.

    Currently TPE is used in high quality products.

    More specialized types of TPE have increased transparency, less rigidity, high resistance to chemicals, scratches and bumps.

    Thermoplastic elastomers' main properties are:
    • retaining qualities of elastomers in a wide range of temperatures
    • resistance to "fatigue"
    • chemical resistance
    • durability
    • weather and ozone resistance
    • ease in handling
    • ease in dyeing
    • processing properties
    • cost effectiveness

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