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Filtering half masks Standard

Special features of disposable filtering half masks Standard, produced by RDE “Standard” LLC, are as follows:

The filtering half masks Standard have been developed as a more progressive analogy to formed and folding respirators of domestic and foreign production, being better in quality in terms of functionality.

Because of the use of fine filtering material with low strength, the foreign manufacturers have to create the multilayer filter design respirators to create the desired shape. This leads to the decrease in filtration surface area and to the increased breathing resistance.

Therefore, these types of filter respirators often require the use of the exhalation valve. The series of the half masks Standard have been developed with an emphasis on providing the highest level of protection and optimizing the micro-climate inside the filter respirator.

Thus, due to the high mechanical strength of the filtering material "Eleflen" there is no need to use additional protective frame layers of non-woven materials. A large filter area provides low breathing resistance.

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