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Filtering half masks PP Lepestok (PPL)

The special features of disposable filtering half masks PP Lepestok (PPL), produced by RDE “Standard” LLC, are the following:
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Filtering half mask PP Lepestok (PPL) is an analog of the respirator and upgraded model SHB-1 "Lepestok", which was developed and used in the USSR for a long time and later on it has been made use of in the CIS countries.

According to the standard DSTU EN 149:2003, developed in strict accordance with the European Standard EN 149:2001, manufacture of filtering respirators with the filtering material FPP was banned (the filter by Petryanov, consisting of post-chlorinated polyvinyl fibrous layers in the pores of which there were vapors of dichloroethane – substances of the first class of hazard). Instead of this filter, to produce filtering layer, we started to use polymer filtration material FPM, non-woven polypropylene filtering material NFP to which the material Eleflen belongs.

The State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy by the Order № 348 of 10.12.2007 annulled GOST 12.4.028-76 under which respirators SHB-1 "Lepestok” were manufactured, and then the committee extended till the first of July 2010 by the Order № 139 from 05.05.2008.

In addition, the test procedure of filtering half masks is changed, according to which the respirator SHB-1 “Lepestok” could relate to RPD of the second class protection, but does not correspond to DSTU EN 149:2003, because:

  • it can't withstand thermal preparation
  • it starts to burn in the area of open fire releasing hazardous gases
  • it has a low mechanical tear strength of the face filtering part, and strength of the tapes fastening
  • thermoplastic additive bead in the form of powder is applied in the manufacturing process, part of which during the operational process can get into respiratory organs
  • the mechanical strength of the filter respirator during operation reduces (it becomes wet when breathing) up to rupture of the filtering bed

LLC "Spetssnab" LLC. successfully started using new technology of manufacturing polypropylene filtering material, and in 2006 obtained a patent for filtering respirators under the trade mark “Lepestok", and since then it has become the only manufacturer in Ukraine that has the right to produce the filtering disposable half-masks under this name.

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