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Oil sorbent booms and mats

High sorbtion properties, which ultra polypropylene fibers have, have allowed us to start producing sorbent materials and products from them in the form of sorbent booms, mats and napkins to collect spilled oil both from solid surface and water. This sorbent and its products are also used to effectively purify drinking water, recycled water and wastewater from the dispersed oil in it and petroleum products.

Advantages of the material are the following:
  • sorbing agent is 100% eco-friendly polypropylene
  • it consists of a water-resistant polymer fibers
  • it does not give off dust
  • it’s not hazardous
  • it does not rot and get moldy
  • it has a high adsorption capacity and high absorption rate

The booms are manufactured in sections.
Section length of the mat is at least 1m.
The diameter of the part of the sorbent is not less than 8 cm.
Booms are connected in the chain with the help of sew loops.

The main requirements for the sorbtion materials are
oil intensity (the amount of absorbed oil product per unit weight of sorbent is more than 14kg/kg
floatability (in the original and saturated state) – it doesn’t sink
regeneration and re-use - up to 4 times
manufacturability and use (ease of application and removal from the surface)
hydrophobicity (sorbent should not absorb water) - 100%

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