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Polymer Macro-Synthetic Fiber “POLIARM”

“POLIARM” is a modern alternative to metal fiber to reinforce cement mortar. The main function: after addition of fiber, concrete and concrete products can bend and stretch.

The advantages of "POLIARM" as compared to steel fibers are as follows:
  • it makes the construction lighter, without reducing its strength
  • it shows high resistance to acids, alkali
  • it has corrosion resistance
  • it’s easier to spread and mix it in a cement compound, without causing damage to concrete feeding and mixing equipment
  • unique form of fiber can help you achieve strong bond with concrete
  • due to the difference in the proportion of 8.5 times, it allows to fill much more fibers into concrete per unit volume (comparing 4kg "POLIARM" with 25 kg of metal fiber, one can get 200,000 fibers compared to 80,000 in the same cube of concrete)
  • it doesn’t sink under its own weight into the lower layers of the concrete cake, thus, penetrating in the whole product
  • it provides a reduction of cracking formation without any risk of corrosion.

When used in cement rendering, this type of modern fiber gives high cohesion with the solution, so it may, in practice, cause less rebound of the solution and reduce the amount of material needed, and also you can put a thicker layer of concrete in a single cycle.

Technical characteristics
Relative density, kg/m³ 0,91
Thickness,mm/width, mm 0,6 / 1,2
Single fiber length, mm 40 ± 2
Reefing height, mm/step 1,5 / 7,0
Tensile at break, N/mm² more than 600
Breaking elongation, % less than 12
Amount of moisture, % not more less than 1
Elasticity coefficient, MPa more than 3000
Single fiber quantity, pcs/kg 52000
Melting temperature, °С 176

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