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Fiber re-enforcing polypropylene (FRP)

FRP is an efficient additive, which significantly increases technical and operational characteristics of concrete, foam concrete, mortar, and different compounds. Main purpose: micro-concrete and building solutions to dramatically reduce the number of micro-pores and micro-cracks

It provides for:
  • reduction of shrinkage and micro-plastic cracking in hardening of concrete
  • active removal of air from the concrete
  • better adhesion of concrete base with a surface layer of the roadway and significant improvement of physical and mechanical properties of the coating and prolongation of the operating life of roads
  • improved sustainability of concrete to freeze / thaw cycles
  • increased resistance to penetration of water and chemicals
  • impact resistance of concrete
  • sustainability of concrete abrasion

Reinforcing fiber is used in the constructions of such well-known buildings in Dnipropetrovsk as Trade and Entertainment Centres "Passage" and "Caravan", Stadium “Dnipro Arena” and others.

Technical characteristics
Relative density, kg/m3 0,91
Individual fiber diameter, mcm 14/20/33
Cutting length, mm 2; 4; 6; 12; 18
breaking strength, n/mm² more than 400
Breaking elongation, % less than 20,0
Moisture content, % not more less than 1
Modulus of elasticity, not less, mPa more than 2000
Fiber surface area, m²/kg 220-240
Individual fiber quantity, mln.pcs./kg 200-350-650
Melting temperature °С 176

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