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Eleflen K

Eleflen К (calendered) is used in crop and mushroom growing in gardening and agriculture. It has high resistance to air flow, it’s hydrophobic, breathable, but at the same time keeps the heat. It’s used, for example, to shelter plants, to protect trees against frost, or create special micro-climate.

According to its properties, it can be single-layered, smooth and hard to keep the shape. It is used without applying powerful electrostatic charging, because the pores in the material should be left for air flow and keeping heat.

Technical characteristics


Surface density, g/m²

Sheet width, mm, not less than

Resistance to constant air flow at a rate of 0.01 m/s, Pa

The permeability coefficient of aerosol oil mist with particle diameter of 0.28 till 0.34 microns at a flow rate of 0.01 m/s,%, not more

Breaking weight, N, not more

Stretch at break, %, not more than

ЭEleflen-4К 38-42 250 30,0±5 - 3 30

Upon customer’s demand, material Eleflen of any density can be produced the material (from 15 to 150 g/m²) and of the width (750 mm).

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